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围脖(wéibó, scarf,顾名思义,就是围住脖子用来阻止寒风从脖子钻进去的保暖物。

2009年,微博(wēibó, micro-blogging出现,“围脖”是微博的谐音,于是有人戏称微博为“围脖”,使“围脖”这个词具有了新的象征意义。就是给人予温暖。很多人发微博,同时有很多粉丝都关注自己,关心和支持自己,像围脖一样温暖着人们。人们还把更新叫做“织围脖”。


"Scarf”, wéibó in Chinese, is something you use to keep your neck and throat protected from the cold breeze.  

In 2009, micro-blogging appeared in the internet. Many people call micro-blogging “wéibó” because it has almost the same pronunciation as scarf in Chinese. That gives the word “wéibó” a new meaning as giving people warmth.

 Many people frequently update their micro-blog. They have many fans that notice, care and support  them . That makes people feel warm as if they were wearing a scarf. “Weave a scarf” means "update your micro-blog".


Sentence: 今天,你织“围脖”了吗 (jīntiān nǐ zhī wéibó le ma)?

(Did you update your micro-blog today?)

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