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再见,中国! - 再见,朋友们!

Do you remember 嫦娥's story?

Watch the video, then make questions in Chinese and answer your friends' questions using the functions from the list.

If you cannot access youtube, open this link in another window:

1. Asking if someone knows something.

2. Asking where someone lives.

3. Describing the layout of a house.

4. Stating an exact location.

5. Using one verb followed by two objects.

6. Expressing that someone should do something.

7. Describing people/things with more than one adjective.

8. Offering a choice.

9. Expressing a request.

10. Describing simultaneous activities.

11. Reciting something.

12. Asking if someone has experience doing something.

13. Asking how to get somewhere.

14. Explaining reasons.

15. Describing the completion of an action.

16. Expressing opposite ideas.

17. Asking what someone is doing.

18. Asking for help.

19. Stating similarity.

20. Describing and inquiring about the weather.

21. Asking whether someone is afraid of doing something.

22. Asking about and stating the taste of something.

23. Expressing concern.

24. Asking about and stating one’s intention.

25. Asking about the length of time.

26. Asking about possibility and capability.

27. Describing events that have occurred.

28. Describing the sequence of events.

29. Comparing and expressing resemblance between things.

30. Describing what one is wearing.

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