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回国 - 你去了哪里?


I have a challenge for you guys.

First of all, go to the Students page and print a map of China. Then draw on it an orange line representing the Great Wall and a blue line representing the Yangtze River.

Then look at the picture here and do the following:

1. Remember in which order I went to those places. Then locate those places on the map (except the Moon Palace, of course!). You will have to do some research (or use your imagination) to find the Peach Blossom Village.

2. Draw on the map a line that describes my trip from place to place.

3. Label each place in Chinese and in pīnyīn (don't forget the tones).

4. On the back of the map, write a short sentence in Chinese describing each place (you might need a dictionary).

5. Write on the back of the map something you found interesting about each of the Cultural Notes of the book (you can write this in English).

6. Write on the back of the map, the names (in Chinese and pīnyīn) of my five friends from the story and a little bit about them (in Chinese if you can).

7. Give it to your teacher.

I bet you all can do it!


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