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Look at the following expressions. We can hear them very often in China when we are having our meals. Can you write their pīnyīn and meaning?

Try to use all of them as you role play an eating-out situation.

1. 真好吃!

2. 我自己来。

3. 买单!

4. 别客气!

5. 点菜!

6. 不客气!

7. 请尝尝。

8. 请问,……

9. 您要吃什么?

10. 您们喝绿茶还是红茶?

11. 多吃点儿。

12. 马上。

13. 来啦!

14. 几位?

15. 请到里面坐。

16. 再来……

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