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Hey everyone! 你好

I've just learned some Chinese characters from Cāng Jié at the Peach Blossom Village.

Check this out!

Character Pronunciation Meaning

rì sun

yuè moon

jīn gold, metal

míng bright

zhōng middle, center

zhōng bell, clock

Do you know that Chinese characters were made in four different ways?

1. Some look like real objects.

2. Some indicate ideas but not real objects.

3. Some give you an idea of the meaning by combining different parts.

4. Some give you an idea of the meaning and also an idea of the pronunciation.

Now try to classify the following characters according to the way they were created.

一 二 三 五 六 八

人 上 下 中 田 小

尖 马 鸟 水 心 目

女 好 男 问 明 日

钟 石 妈 木 月 力

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