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Hi there!

I am still in the Moon Palace learning from Cháng'é and Wú Gāng how to pronunce Chinese. For this purpose we use pinyin. For example, can you read this?

你好 再见 谢谢

I am sure you find it very difficult (I mean impossible). But what about this?

你好 再见 谢谢

nǐ hǎo zài jiàn xiè xie

You find it much easier to say it now, don't you? Now, can you read the following classroom phrases?


qǐng dǎ kāi shū

Please open your book.


qǐng kàn shū

Please read the book.


yǒu wèn tí ma

Do you have any questions?


qǐng gēn wǒ dú

Please read after me.


qǐng zài shuō yí biàn

Please repeat it.


qǐng dà shēng yì diǎn

Please say it loudly.

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