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Chinese in Focus Level 3 AMAZING CHINA 

(Student's Book with CD)

Item : Level 3 AMAZING CHINA (Student's Book)
Publisher: Shenzhen Haitian Press
Author: Yuhong Zheng
Language: English-Chinese
Product Dimensions: 8.26 x 11.2 x 0.4 inches 
Price: US$79.00

This is the third book (Student’s Book) of the Chinese in Focus series. It is designed for American high school students who have successfully finished the study of the second book of this series.

In this volume, Mark explores many different aspects in the development of China. The subjects include Chinese history, geography, environment, and culture. Thus this book is named Amazing China. As in the previous two volumes, the ultimate goal of this book is to present visual, lively, clear, entertaining lessons that motivate the students and enhance learning.

The book has 300 pages. Hardcover.

Table of contents

Unit 1 熊猫 
Unit 2 故事中的道理
Unit 3 猴子王
Unit 4 功夫之龙
Unit 5 中国古代发明
Unit 6 诗人和月亮
Unit 7 京剧
Unit 8 女儿国
Unit 9 桂林山水甲天下
Unit 10 谢谢你的青花瓶!

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