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Chinese in Focus Level 1 TRAVELING IN CHINA 

(Student's Book with audio CD)

Item: Level 1: TRAVELING IN CHINA (Student's Book with Audio CD)
Publisher: Shenzhen Haitian Press
Author: Yuhong Zheng
Language: English-Chinese
ISBN: 978-7-5507-0023-9
Product Dimensions: 8.26 x 11.2 x 0.4 inches 
Price: US$79.00

This is the first book (Student’s Book) of the Chinese in Focus series. It is designed for American middle and high school students who do not have prior knowledge of Chinese.

The outstanding feature of this book is the combination of comical cartoon stories and precise language explanations. The presentation of the content is visual, lively, clear, and entertaining. It is easy for both teaching and learning.

The author of the textbook has designed a mystery story that is used throughout the textbook and animation set. Mark, an American high school student, who accidentally visits the Moon Palace, meets two Chinese mythological characters. They travel through China together; therefore the textbook is named Traveling in China. Students will learn pronunciation, Chinese characters, vocabulary, dialogues, and cultural lessons while reading the stories. Moreover, every Chinese character, dialogue scene, and cultural note is illustrated by cartoons. Students are encouraged to interact with the cartoon characters thereby stimulating their interest and involvement. Learning becomes fun for the student. In addition, the clarity of the explanations, the simplicity of the format, and the creative presentations will appeal to all teachers. Both teachers and students will enjoy using this text.

The book has 350 pages. Hardcover.

Unit 1 从月宫看中国 Looking at China from the Moon Palace 
Unit 2 在月宫学拼音 Learning Pīnyīn at the Moon Palace
Unit 3 在桃花村学汉字 Studying Characters at the Peach Blossom Village
Unit 4 在孔庙 At the Confucius Temple
Unit 5 在北京 In Běijīng
Unit 6 在西安 In Xī’ān
Unit 7 在长江上 On Changjiang River
Unit 8 在上海 In Shànghǎi
Unit 9 在香港 In Hong Kong
Unit 10 回国 Back Home

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