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日本强震发生后,Lady Gaga、“林肯公园”乐队及众多明星纷纷召集粉丝为地震海啸捐款。

Celebrities from Lady Gaga to Linkin Park rallied their fans to ante up for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan.


Lady Gaga制作了一个红白相间的祈福腕带,上面写着“为日本祈祷”,还印有她标志性的野兽手爪图案。

Lady Gaga is offering a red-and-white wristband, with the words "We pray for Japan" and an image of the singer's monster paw gesture.



"Little Monsters, show your support for Japan with this 'We Pray For Japan' wristband!" her website said, encouraging her fans to donate. "All proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts."



粉丝(fěn sī): fans


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