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Corporate overview

Chinese in Focus LLC was established in 2011. The executive offices are located in Quincy, MA. We have also established a creation studio in Sun Yat-sen University Zhuhai Campus. The studio is responsible for writing the TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) textbook and supporting the animation production. Our website,, serves the needs of students and teachers. is committed to providing our worldwide customers with the best quality textbooks, first class service and wonderful online shopping experiences.

Mission & Vision

Mission: Our mission is to create, produce, and deliver an innovative, integrated and interactive Chinese language textbook with attractive visuals and clever cartoon characters that will be appealing to both students and teachers. The clear, concise format simplifies the learning process, building confidence in the student as he learns to read, write and speak Chinese. The accompanying teaching materials contain fun activities and cultural insights that will enhance the learner's experience. Teachers will find that this series is easy to use and fun to teach.


Vision: To provide easy-to-learn Chinese language and cultural materials to people who are interestd in knowing more about China.

Our team and leader

Our team is composed of professionals and personnel with different educational backgrounds from China, the United States, Mexico, and Russia. The team is led by Yuhong Zheng. There are three members who have earned PhD's in education, five members who hold Master Degrees.


The team leader, Yuhong Zheng, was educated in South China Normal University, in the Chinese Department; Jinan University, Chinese Department; Wichita University, College of Education; and Michigan University, Department of Eastern Languages and Civilizations. He majored in Chinese Language and Literature; Chinese Classical Literature, and Education. He was a Chinese high school teacher in the United States for 15 years and is presently teaching at the university level in China. While teaching in the United States, Yuhong Zheng discovered that the Chinese textbooks that were on the market lacked content and were too traditional in their scope and presentation. He decided to leave his teaching position in the US and to devote his energies to design a new Chinese textbook. His endeavor was well supported and assisted by many professionals in the fields of education and technology. Together with Yuhong Zheng, his team has created an innovative TCFL textbook series.  


Our product

Drawing upon his Asian background and his years of teaching in China and the US, Yuhong Zheng was able to reflect on his personal experiences in order to develop his concepts for teaching Chinese to English speaking students. Together with his team he has created a Chinese textbook that makes teaching and learning Chinese fun and easy. Shenzhen Cangjietong Cultural Co., Ltd, whose primary product is the “Chinese in Focus” series, maintains the intellectual property rights for the development and distribution of the program. The series includes 4 volumes and 12 books, along with audio CDs and animated teaching

videos. The production team created the original, colorful, whimsical cartoon stories that carry the themes throughout the texts. Although it is difficult, costly and time consuming to design such a multi-faceted teaching program, we were able to succeed and achieve our goal because of our combined effort.


The textbook series is connected by the story of Mark, a fictional American high-school student, who accidentally discovers some mysterious Chinese signs and follows the signs to the Moon Palace. There he meets several Chinese mythical characters. Accompanied by these mythical characters, Mark travels through China (first volume “Traveling in China”) and then returns home to Boston. Later, Mark visits China a second time to live and study there (second volume “Living in China”). He explores China’s mysteries (third volume “Amazing China”), and the subject of modern China (fourth volume “Today’s China”). As the students follow the adventures of Mark, all the elements of language learning are introduced to them: character formation, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and sentence development. The design team built on the traditional concept of a language textbook by incorporating animations, which engages the students and motivates them to learn. The end result is that both learning and teaching become more lively and interesting. The textbook is based on a scientific and systematic approach to language learning, following the clues of the story. The textbook’s contents and related cultural notes are included in the animation video. The special effects seen in the animation video are impressive. In addition to combining animation into the textbook, cartoon illustrations are used throughout the texts to explain the formation of Chinese characters, grammar concepts, vocabulary, dialogues, and cultural vignettes. For this reason, our textbook is easy to teach and learning becomes fun. 

Along with our self owned corporate products, the website offers a variety of TCFL materials and Chinese cultural accessories for our readers, teachers, and students, such as books, music, video, and arts & crafts.

Our services

  • Online support and services for administrators and educators

  • Online resource center to answer questions from teachers and students

  • Interactive platform for teachers and students

  • Customer services




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