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A blind schoolgirl who is fluent in four languages has become the youngest interpreter in European Parliament.


来自英国剑桥的Alexia Sloane,两岁那年在法国度假时,被诊断出患了脑瘤,之后便失明了。

Alexia Sloane, from Cambridge, lost her sight when she was two-years-old after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor whilst on holiday in France.



But despite her disability, the little girl has excelled at languages. And at the age of 10, she is already fluent in English, French, Spanish and Mandarin - and is learning German.


如今,英格兰东部欧盟议员Robert Sturdy邀请她前往位于布鲁塞尔的欧盟议会做口译员,实现了她的梦想。

 Now she has fulfilled her dream of working as an interpreter after East of England MEP Robert Sturdy invited her to the European Parliament in Brussels.



"There is usually a minimum age requirement of 14 just to enter the European Parliament so for Alexia to interpret there at the age of 10 was amazing," said mum Isabelle.



Alexia has been tri-lingual since birth as her mum is half French and half Spanish and her dad Richard is English.



"She has always been very good at languages and shown an interest from a very young age," added Isabelle.



Alexia has dreamed of becoming an interpreter since she was six and chose to go to the European Parliament as her prize when she won the Young Achiever Community Award of the Year.


她询问自己能不能跟随口译员实地学习,而欧盟议员罗Robert Sturdy欣然答应带上她这个小客人。

She asked if she could shadow interpreters and MEP Robert Sturdy agreed to take her along as his guest.



"It was fantastic and I’m absolutely determined now to become an interpreter," said Alexia. "Nothing can stop me."


十岁盲童当翻译 Blind girl, 10, works as interpreter

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